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In Santiago de Cile the law firm Rozzi Marin has its own consulting company, Asesorías e Inversiones Pigafetta Limitada in association with local professionals specialized in civil, commercial and corporate law.

Alliance with the RLD Group

Madrid - Lisbon - Dubai and Abu Dhabi
The law firm can boast an important alliance with the RLD Associates Group, which has given legal services and business, financial and accounting advice, since its institution in 1989.
The RLD Group relies on its own offices in Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal). The reference lawyer is Rafael López-Dieguez Piñar.

In 2012 RLD opened offices in Dubai – in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers - and Abu Dhabi – in the AL SALMAN Towers - becoming the first Spanish law firm with license to operate in the UAE.
In recent years, The United Arab Emirates has become the largest trading center in the world and Expo 2020 will be organized by the city of Dubai. The theme chosen for the event is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Argentina, Brazil and Peru

Other strengths in South America are Argentina, Brazil and Peru where the law firm Rozzi Marin & Partners operates in partnership with local law firms in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Lima, offering assistance to companies that show interests in these countries