About us

The International Law Firm Rozzi Marin & Partners was founded more than twenty years ago with the main aim of offering legal assistance especially to people and businesses with interests abroad.

In order to meet the demands and needs of the customers, the law firm produces opinions on the variables that affect the choices of companies, and offers services in civil law (contracts, procurement, debt recovery, family and succession law), commercial and international law (negotiations and trade agreements, foreign investments, commercial enterprises, joint ventures), administrative law (right of local authorities), with specialized professionals.

The international vocation and the experience gained in the years allowed the law firm to accompany the growth of the companies working abroad, reaching concrete results in new markets thanks to the security of having reliable information and appropriate advice.

What characterized the law firm? The valuable contribution to the activities of the customer: specialized integral and global advice, based on the knowledge of the culture, of the economy and of the law of both the place of departure and the one of arrival.

Our professional commitment, exercised in team- working with professionals of the nation, is shown by the quality of the service, fairness and professionalism, mutual trust, discretion and exclusivity. These are the values that the law firm places at the basis of its work.