Lawyer Aldo Rozzi Marin

Born August 12, 1965 in Santiago de Chile. Graduated in law at the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile (1984-1990). Lawyer in Chile from October 29, 1992. In Italy he graduated in law (1997) and followed different courses about the legal, political and economic aspects of the European Union, besides civil and commercial law, at the University of Padua and at the University of Trento.
He had his degree recognized in Spain (1993) and he has been enrolled in the Bar Association of Madrid since 1997.

He is specialized in contract , international, and commercial law, in addition to corporate legal advice. He coordinates the assistance to companies and organizations related to Chile and other foreign countries.
He attended the Advanced Training Course "The juridical dimension of cultural heritage: themes of the present and future perspectives" organized by the Department of Public, International and Community Law of the University of Padua (Academic Year 2017/2018) and courses on the protection of cultural heritage, the prevention to the traffic of cultural heritage, international judicial cooperation in crimes against cultural heritage.

A Spanish and Italian native speaker, he also has a good knowledge of German and English. Enrolled in the Bar Association of Vicenza.

In Italy, he is the holder of the law firm "Rozzi Marin & Partners" and in Chile of the society of legal consulting and support for start-ups "Asesorías and Pigafetta Inversiones Limitada", associated to a leading Chilean law firm.

With Alfredo Moreno Charme, Minister of Social Development in Chile

With Emilio de la Cerda, Sub-secretary of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile.

Aldo Rozzi Marin is a consultant of the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Chile, ProChile, in Milan, and legal advisor of the General Consulate of Chile in Italy, based in Milan. He attended the drawing up of the most important agreements between Veneto and Chile and has organized numerous missions and institutional/business projects between the two realities, as well as conferences about foreign investment in Chile.

Aldo Rozzi Marin is Honorary Consul of Chile, with consular district in Vicenza, Padua and Verona. He is a member of the Honorary Consuls Union in Italy, and of the Consular Corps of Venice and Veneto.

He is a consultant of various entities of the Veneto Region, as well as of various institutions and associations of the entrepreneurial category in Italy.
In 2017 he was appointed sole director of the company Immobiliare Marco Polo Srl who manages on behalf of the Veneto Region the property of Villa Contarini – G. E. Ghirardi Foundation in Piazzola sul Brenta and the monumental complex of the Rocca di Monselice (Castle, Antiquarium Longobardo, the fortified tower Federiciano, Villa Duodo, Museum of Rarity of Carlo Scarpa), both situated in the Province of Padua.

He is a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce A.G. in Santiago de Chile and of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

Dealing with the processes of internationalization of enterprises and of job mobility, he is a member of the Consult of the Veneti in the World set up by the Regional Law No. 2/2003.

From 2016 to 2018, for assignment of the Regional Council of Veneto, he was a member of the Committee for the Cooperation to the Development.

He is a lecturer of the Professional update course on Latin American and Caribbean Studies organized by the Department of Political Sciences, Law & International Studies of the University of Padua.

Furthermore, he is a member of the managerial group of the Foundation Park Omora O.N.G. , an ethno-botanical park located in Port Williams, in the subantarctic ecoregion of Magellan, Chile.

In 2016 he was appointed Green Destinations Ambassador by Green Destinations, an International Foundation, headquartered in the Netherlands, which deals with sustainable tourism.
On this role, firstly in 2016 in Slovenia and secondly in 2017 in Portugal, he received the "Sustainable Destinations Top 100" Award as recognition of sustainable tourism activities carried out at the "Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve" (Chile).

Gold Medal of the Chamber of Commerce Industry Handicraft and Agriculture of Padua - Special Prices to personalities who distinguished themselves in various fields abroad (2009).

With Lorenzo Constans, Chile's General Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015

Legal Representative of the General Commissioner of Chile - EXPO 2015, and of the Corporación Cultural de la Cámara Chilena de la Construcción of the Pavilion of Chile for the Universal Exposition Expo Milano 2015.

Lawyer Ivan Bottazzo

Born July 5, 1970 in Vicenza. He is married and has two children.
He graduated in law at the University of Ferrara, with a thesis on procedural law titled "The principle of disposition in objective sense in civil and penal matters".
For what concerns the administrative area, he taught in various Institutions, Organizations and Private Schools. He also personally experienced the field of Public Administration, having been elected more than once between 1995 and 2009 as a representative of the Local Authority, covering the role of city councilor for the legal affairs, for the statute and for regulations.
Enrolled in the Bar Association of Vicenza.
He mainly deals with civil law with particular reference to family law and administrative law; beside these, he is especially involved in the right of local authorities, as well as in penal law.

Paola Padovan

Born February 18, 1970 in Cittadella. She is married and has three children.
Bachelor in Law at the University of Padua.
She ménages the practices of civil, commercial law, and of international private law.
Languages: she currently performs the legal activities in both Italian and Spanish. Good knowledge of French.


For tax advice and labor consulting, for the bookkeeping and the payroll processing and for all the obligations related, the law firm relies on the collaboration of Gianni Sbalchiero and Licia Sigola, both Accountants and Auditors.

For the real estate consultancy, the law firm relies on the collaboration of the SARTORI SAS, whose owner is Doctor Dario Sartori, graduated in Economics and the University of Ca’ Foscari, Venice.

The law firm features Italian / Spanish bilingual secretarial staff.