Chile is an interesting area for the global expansion of businesses who look at the local market and see the country as a business platform for South America under bilateral and multilateral agreements. The law firm took part in Chile, as a legal adviser, to major investment projects, accompanying a clientele that represents its best presentation and its major prestige.

Negotiations and trade agreements, the establishment and launch of Italian companies in Chile
With regard to investments, the law firm provides advisory services and assistance on the establishment and on the launch of Italian companies in Chile, preparing the documents required by the country, directly in Italy.
In the area of corporate law, the experience of the law firm Rozzi Marin & Partners covers several managements, including:

  • Control of administrative and accounting management;
  • Convening of meetings of the board of directors, drafting of reports, proxies and documents;
  • Participation to the administrative body of the assisted firms;
  • Executive representation of the company;
  • Domiciliation of the company in Santiago de Chile;
  • Accounting and tax advice, personnel management (Payroll).

In Santiago de Chile the law firm has its own affiliated company, the AsesorĂ­as e Inversiones Pigafetta Limitada, which has provided advice to important public institutions such as CORFO (Corporation for Production Development), an agency of the Chilean government responsible for encouraging the national production activities.